The Articles of Association are the constitution by which GreaterSport is governed.

The objects for the reason GreaterSport was established are:

(a) To provide people in Greater Manchester and surrounding neighbourhood with facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation, in the interest of social welfare and with the object of improving the conditions of life of such persons without distinction on the grounds of race, gender, ethnic origin or disability;

(b) To advance the mental and physical health of the community by providing facilities for sport and physical activity and promoting community participation in healthy recreational activities. 

GreaterSport’s Articles of Association were revised in September 2015 in order to comply with legal changes and guidance since the original Articles were written. The current Articles (September 2015) are in the process of being revised to comply with ‘A Code for Sports Governance’ (Sport England/UK Sport).

Any changes, once approved by the Board and Charity Commission will be posted on this web page.

Download the current document here