The Youth Sport Trust is an independent charity devoted to changing young people’s lives through sport. Established in 1994, they are passionate about helping all young people to achieve their full potential in life by delivering high quality physical education and sport opportunities.

Primary Membership packages

Primary Membership packages are designed to effectively support and add value to local arrangements.

Membership will provide you with access to the latest national information, resources, training and events that will transform your PE and sport provision and impact on pupil achievement.

Youth Sport Trust Membership supports you to:

  • Raise standards of achievement across your school.
  • Improve quality of teaching and learning in PE.
  • Enhance leadership of PE in schools and across clusters of schools.
  • Promote effective sport and healthy active lifestyle development.
  • Benchmark your provision and outcomes nationally in PE, physical activity and school sport.
  • Share practice and learn from the best schools nationally and internationally.

The Youth Sport Trust aims to support all primary schools to make high quality PE and sport sustainable to the benefit of all young people. By becoming a member as a cluster of schools you will receive additional discounts and free, newly developed national training for your nominated cluster co-ordinator.

Join as a cluster of 10 schools and each school only pays £270 for the standard package. Larger clusters receive larger discounts. Individual standard school membership is £300.

Please email or phone 0150 922 6600 to register. Further details can be found here.

Sporting Start - Guide to the School Sport Premium

To help schools to maximise their primary school sport funding, the Youth Sports Trust have put together a comprehensive guide on what to consider before making investment decisions. This can be found using the link here.

Self Review Tool

In addition to this they have also created a separate self-review tool to help you to assess your school’s current provision and outcomes in PE and school sport, and then identify priorities for development – see here.

Committed to using the power of sport to transform the lives of young people? Then why not join The Youth Sport Trust. Benefits include resources, training and programmes.

Guide to the Government School Sport Announcement

A guide to the Government funding for PE and school sport andadvice on how to best make use ofinvestment package for primary schools. Click here to download.