Students, staff and the wider community are all welcome at the University of Bolton Sport and Recreation Service. Working your mind is great, but the Sport and Recreation Service team believes a healthy mind needs a healthy body to go with it.

Whether you want to compete in leagues, play for fun, get fit, or just de-stress in a relaxed atmosphere, there is something for you in the sports centre. Trained staff can show you how to use the indoor courts and the climbing wall. There are lunchtime classes in everything from Boxercise to Trampolining.

If you prefer the great outdoors, there's a whole host of clubs to join and activities to try - from snowboarding to watersports. The beautiful Pennine Moors that surround Bolton are the perfect venue for walking, kayaking and horse-riding.

The activity programme changes each term and reflects the needs and wants of our students, staff and the local community. The Sports Centre is a great place to relax or to get involved in competitive activities. The staff which we employ are all students studying at the University and this improves their employability options through their experience of working at the Sports Centre. 

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