What is the GM Moving Investment Scheme?

The GM Moving Investment Scheme is an investment stream that allows a range of organisations to access money for projects which are outside of traditional funding sources.

  • The scheme will be open for applications from Monday 14th August - Monday 28th August 2017. 
  • Projects must be delivered between Monday 4 September 2017 and completed no later than Friday 2nd March 2018.
  • The maximum grant available will be £2000.

The scheme will be looking for projects that: 

  • Work to deliver the 12 priorities of Greater Manchester Moving.
  • Address inactivity and help to encourage healthy lifestyles
  • Contribute towards delivering the Government's five outcomes for sport within Greater Manchester: Physical Wellbeing; Mental Wellbeing; Individual Development; Social and Community Development; and Economic Development.

GM Moving Investment Scheme allows organisations to try something new. We want to encourage innovative ideas that help your local community be more active. 

GM Moving Investment Scheme Criteria 

The GM Moving Investment Scheme is an unrestricted fund that will allow organisations to apply for projects that don't meet traditional funding criteria.

  • Helping people to Live Well through Workplace Health and Wellbeing projects. 
  • Encouraging people who are currently inactive and helping people lead healthier lifestyles.
  • Will contribute towards delivering the Government's five outcomes for sport within Greater Manchester: Physical Wellbeing; Mental Wellbeing; Individual Development; Social and Community Development; and Economic Development.
  • New markets and alternative providers. 
  • Projects which demonstrate sustainability after the award of funding has been completed.  
  • Maximum application of £2000  

How to Apply

Applications to the GM Moving Investment Scheme can be submitted between Monday 14th August - Monday 28th August 2017 using the application form in the downloads section.

How to complete the application form

Paying close attention to the contextual conditions and key policy conditions complete the form as follows, using bullet points:

Programme Objectives – Tell us what your project is aiming to achieve.

Why is it needed? - Why is your project needed?

Inputs - What are you and your organisation bringing to the project? e.g. coaches, other partners or opportunities.

Activities - Tell us about the activities that will take place during your project.

Outputs - How many people will be involved in your project. Include participants, volunteers, coaches etc.

Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely - Tell us how your project addresses these issues. Is your session local to the participants making it Easy to attend? Is your session something your participants want to attend, is it with people their own age or ability in a venue that suits them making it Attractive? Is your session fun or designed at bringing the community together making it Social? Finally is your session on a convenient time for the participants to attend making it Timely?

Intended Outcomes - What change happen at the end of your project, will it allow people to continue to participate, will the participants gain qualifications?

Intended Impacts - What impacts will you be able to demonstrate at the end of the project? For example an improvement in health or reduction in the need for health services, reduction in anti social behaviour or bringing the community together. Do these impacts relate to the contextual impacts and key policy conditions at the start of the form?

On page two of your application tell us about you and your organisation, the number of people that will be involved in your project and the amount of funding that you are applying for. 

Opening Date for Applications

Monday 14th August 2017 

Closing Date for Applications 

Monday 28th August 2017 

Delivery Period 

Monday 4th September 2017 - Friday 2nd March 2018 

Payment of Your Investment

If you are successful your Investment will be paid in two parts, 50% at the start of the project and 50% at the end of your project on production of your simple session registers, registration form, project case study and receipts from purchases or costs involved in your project.


Have a question? Need help? Completed your application?

If you have a question or need any help with your application including submitting your application please contact

John Brady
Development Officer (Sport) 


M: 07841 776470