GreaterSport would like to support Greater Manchester talented athletes most in need of financial support to achieve their potential in their chosen sport. However we do not always reach these through standard applications. As such we have asked valued coaches across Greater Manchester to recommend those athletes they work with and know are really in need of the support to achieve this. Rather than asking for anonymous donations to support talented athletes, GreaterSport have developed a number of athlete profiles to share their personal story. We are looking for organisations to ‘Adopt An Athlete’ for a 1-2 year period and in return they will be an Ambassador to promote what they do. GreaterSport will promote the scheme and fundraise for these athletes at the Greater Manchester Sports Awards and at every other opportunity.

Click below to read about our 4 talented athletes and find out how to donate to them to help with their sucesses.

Josh - Boxing                                                          Eleanor - Gymnastics

James - Lacrosse                                                             Kiera - Cycling

For further details contact;

Hazel Musgrove

Development Officer (NGB)


M: 07850 605367