Actilife was developed by Life Leisure in 2013 with the aim to combine wearable technology, with an online platform to create a community of people and workplaces that wanted to become more active.

Interesting – what’s involved?

Each organisation is a team. We will set a variety of online challenges to encourage participants to become more active. Some of these challenges will be team v team and some will involve everybody working together to achieve a common goal. We want to support organisations to have a healthy and active workforce and use the data that comes through to ensure the challenges are motivating without putting people off who are new to exercise.

What activity trackers are compatible?

Below is the list. Overall, the activity tracker must track steps, distance etc to be compatible with the platform.

What if our employees don’t have an activity tracker?

They can download either Fitbit mobile or Withings Health Mate App to their mobile phone for free and connect that to the actilife platform.

Do I have to sync my device with another App or manually enter data?

No. Just wear your activity tracker or carry around your mobile device as typical use. Sync your device or app as normal and your activity data will upload automatically to the actilife platform.

Want to buy a device?

We can sell Garmin Vivoki devices. These can be purchased from us directly and cost £37 each + VAT. They are worn on the waist band, in the pocket or on a bra, are simple to use and ideal for people starting out using activity trackers.


Boditrax is a medically graded body composition machine which measures over 15 different parameters. It is are non- invasive and just require people to stand on the machine for around 10 seconds. This can be facilitated at your place of work.

By showing people their baseline and body composition, we have found that this

a) increases uptake to the programme

b) helps to show people the impact exercise has on their body composition as they become more physically active; results breed results.

The company must have at least 20 participants who want a Boditrax reading.

Measurements include: -

 Visceral fat

 Metabolic age

 Bone density

 Body fat %

 Muscle %

 Basal metabolic rate

These can be tracked over the course of the programme. We would recommend every 3 months

How do I sign up?

Workplaces sign up their team (and name) and no. of participants to

Participants go to and complete the details which takes around 1-2 minutes. We will send you a code which your employees enter to activate their account. We provide some information which can be displayed around the workplace and on staff intranets

Participants connect their activity tracker (from the list) or the Free App to the actilife platform.