Lyme Park have launched a series of run related activities and invite you to come along and discover the delights of this 1300 acre estate.

Each week there are two beginner jogging groups, which meet at the Timber Yard Cafe and three permanently marked running (or walking) routes have been installed. The routes take visitors to different parts of the estate through woodland, up to viewing points and to Darcy’s pool. Maps of the routes will be available for visitors to pick up.

It is hoped that a parkrun will be set  up in the coming months.  If you would like to get involved in any of these activities, please get in touch.

Perhaps you enjoy running through forest trails? Or up to a scenic view point?  Perhaps seeing and hearing the wildlife or deer herds is part of the attraction.  Lyme Park offers all of that and more.  If you enjoy running with others or feel a friendly qualified run leader will help you achieve your goals, then the Lyme Park jogging groups are for you!

The jogging groups are aimed at helping people new to running and improving runners to gain more confidence in running and meet other people to run with to make running more often that bit easier. The Thursday morning group starts at 9:30am and is ideal for those who are busy in the evenings but can find some time during the day to run. The group is also catering for buggies and push chairs!

A second Lyme Park Jogging Group will start each Sunday morning at 9am, catering for those who can squeeze an hour’s running in before most people’s day begins. Details of all groups can be found on the Run England website here.

All groups will be led by qualified run leaders who will welcome you and introduce you to the joy of running, and also the secrets of Lyme Park.  We are very confident that you will love the experience and want to come back time and time again!  For more information see the links below.

Contact Information

Louise Robbins

Development Manager (Physical Activity)
Tel: 07740 883080


Downloads & Links

  • Lyme Park Jogging groups poster

  • National trust Lyme Park webpage