Business Support For Clubs Workshop for Sport Development Professionals

Frank Titley, The Blue Orchid, presenting at Business Support for Clubs

Business Support For Clubs training was developed by Sport England North West and the North West Workforce Group (SkillsActive, National Skills Academy and 5 NW C

SPS) in response to new and exciting challenges resulting from the big society agenda, local authority cuts, with clubs facing opportunities to take over the operation of their facilities.

The day started with an opening speech from Anne Ibrahim, Executive Director of Big Society Works Ltd who clarified what BigSociety means and how it is vital that form follows function when developing a (social) business.

Frank Titley of The Blue Orchid then provided details of different business models, explaining what a Social Enterprise is and the advantages and disadvantages of both. This was complemented by Andy Fawkes from Sport England explaining Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC).

Svend Elkjaer, Sports MArketing Network, presentingSports Marketing Network’s Sven Elkjaer talked about transforming a community sport club into a community sport enterprise by making them vibrant, visible and viable.

Delegates then split off into small groups to discuss case studies developed by Oli Lougheed at Skills Active, the groups were challenged to look at a club in trouble and advise how they would support that club to overcome issues. The groups then fed back to the conference on their views and these were checked and challenged by the experts and other delegates.

The day concluded with presentations from Liverpool John Moores University on career development opportunities within their World of Work scheme and current education opportunities within the Centre for Sport, Dance & Outdoor Education.

There was a range of training offered on the day, practical support for deciding on appropriate business structures and establishing new businesses from The Blue Orchid, an insight on a series of workshops for creating more enterprising clubs with Sports Marketing Network and a look at the other resources available to support sports development professionals or club volunteers. All this training and more can be booked through the National Skills Academy, who work at no extra cost to you to identify the right training from our approved provider network.

Contact Information

For more information or to arrange a review of the training you might need to arrange contact Oli Lougheed, or 07590 439534.

Downloads & Links

  • To view the community sport brochure online visit

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  • Frank Titley - The Blue Orchid

  • Sven Elkjaer - Sports Marketing Network

  • Andy Fawkes - Sport England

  • Oli Lougheed - Sport Active

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