1. Active Lives Survey

Tha Active Lives Survey is the new measure for sport and physical activity across England and replaces the Active People Survey.


2. Active Peoples Survey

The Active Peoples Survey tracks the number of people taking part in sport and physical activity in England. It provides information on physical activity levels over time, by demographic, sport and geographic area. You can use their Active People Interactive Tool to create your own tailored analysis.


3. Active Places Power

Active Places Power is an interactive mapping and reporting tool provided by Sport England for those delivering community sport. It facilitates the strategic planning of sport provision through advanced analytical tools that reference the most authoritative sport facility and club database within the country.


4.Sports Market Segmentation

Sport England has created nineteen sporting segments to help us understand the nation's attitudes to sport, their motivations and barriers.


5.MOVES Tool

The MOVES tool is designed to provide information on the return on investment for health of sport and physical activity. The MOVES tool is based on the evidence that increased physical activity reduces the risk of a number of diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


6. Economic Value of Sport – Local Model

Sport Englands Economic Value of Sport – Local Model provides area based estimates of the sport contribution to the local economy in terms of a range of outcomes such as employment and health.


7.The Local Sport Profile

The Local Sport Profile provides up-to-date data for their local areas, covering sports participation, facilities, health, economic, and demographics, all in one place


8.Public Health England physical activity profile tool

This tool provides information on physical activity levels by region and local authority, temporal trends and relationships between physical activity levels and disease outcomes.