The VIP (Volunteer Inspire Programme) is a GreaterSport initiative that has been launched in partnership with all ten boroughs within Greater Manchester. The programme allows volunteers to sign up for volunteering opportunities that organisations provide.

Over 6000 volunteers have already signed up to the programme and there are over 150 opportunities listed for some of the biggest sporting events and community sports clubs in Greater Manchester.

Almost anyone can become a volunteer, with a wide range of activities and roles it doesn't matter whether you are 16 or 80, there will be an opportunity for you. So whether you volunteer to give others the opportunity to play sport or to develop your own skills and employability, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in sport across Greater Manchester. Some people volunteer for the satisfaction of developing a club, team or activity, for others it’s the opportunity to get involved and be part of the action at the big events.

Sign up to your local VIP programme as a volunteer or a provider by clicking your local area on the map below.

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For further details contact:

Nick Lowden

M: 07765 407978