In Greater Manchester we're really lucky to have some of the best and most passionate female coaches in the country! (Well we think so!)

And as only 30% of the coaching workforce are female, we need more of them! 

Next week 1st - 7th May 2017 marks the start of this years #PassOnYourPassion campaign

where we aim to thank some of the amazing female coaches delivering in Greater Manchester. We are also encouraging them to pass on their passion for coaching, to inspire someone within their session to get involved in coaching too. 

The coaches that are passing on their passion for coaching this year, are below. Scroll down and click on their picture or look at the downloads on the right, to find out more about them, and how they got into coaching! 

This year we are delighted to have Dame Kelly Homes in support of our campaign, click below to see what she says! 

Katherine  Kay Morgan  Erika Heginbotham  Paola Donner

     Jess Simons    Ashia    Jo Gooch    Gabby Bullen Debbie Chapman Louisa  Georgia Judy Henson

Jennie   Shannon     Emma    VickyJen  Amy      suzi

alice    jackie

And the campaign doesn't stop there! Next stop Yorkshire!!

We will be passing over the campaign to Yorkshire Sport Foundation on the 8th May 2017, for their turn to host the campaign for a week ,before it goes on tour around the north of England! Have a look at the video below, to see where it's going and when....

Keep up to date with the campaign as it travels the North here .

For any questions or queries contact:

Jane Gardiner

Development Manager 


07726 902 889