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    Nick Lowden
    Workforce Development Officer

    Telephone: 07765407978
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    18/10/2018 18:00
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    02/11/2019 15:27
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Raising your awareness of the telltale signs of abuse and giving you the tools and confidence you need to deal with with any issues sensitively, appropriately and effectively. 

Course Details

By taking part in this workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify and recognise good coaching practice and the implications for your coaching.
  • Explore your values and feelings in relation to child abuse and recognise their potential impact on your response.
  • Recognise and respond to possible signs of child abuse.
  • Take appropriate action if concerns about a child arise.

Duration: 3 Hours

Individual Booking

Each course lasts 3 hours and costs £35 including booking fee. Check if there are any upcoming courses on the courses section of the website.

Package Booking

Safeguarding and Protecting Children courses can be organised as a package for clubs or organisations.

Minimum NumbersMaximum NumbersMinimum CostMaximum CostExtra Details
1020£400£550Cost does not include facility charge.

For further information or to arrange a course please contact Nick on the details above.

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