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    Nick Lowden
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    09/05/2019 08:30
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    09/05/2019 10:15
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GreaterSport has partnered with Brabners LLP, a commercial law firm, to deliver a series of HR Forums specifically for GreaterSport partners. During the course of 2019, employment law experts from Brabners will be offering advice and guidance on employment law issues over five HR Forums. These interactive sessions will be held bimonthly, starting in March 2019

Session 1 - ­Thursday 21 March 2019

Top tips for improving or removing poor performers in your business

In this forum, we will look at how to motivate employees to get the best out of them and improve their performance, how to effectively manage performance when employees are not meeting expectations and in the worst case scenario, how to dismiss fairly for poor performance, by reference to a case study. We will also consider the cost to businesses of not managing performance well and tips for improving performance.

Session 2 ­- Thursday 9 May 2019

Out of Office - Employee absence management that works

Many employers are still unsure of how to effectively manage employee absence from work, whether it be short term or longer periods. This forum will provide all the tools you need to manage employee absence with confidence, from designing and following an effective sickness absence policy, to holding effective return to work meetings and to guarding against disability discrimination claims, we will be discussing all of the issues.

Session 3 - ­Thursday 18 July 2019

Preventing Sexual Harassment and Discrimination at work

Our topic for this forum will be sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Points for discussion will include:

  • When is it sexual harassment and what are the different forms of discrimination?
  • How to reset the culture
  • When a policy isn’t enough
  • Handling a complaint and repairing the damage

Session 4 ­- Thursday 5 September 2019

Worth the paper? Employment contracts and business protection

Many businesses use standard template employment documentation. However, a properly worded contract of employment can put employers firmly in the driving seat when managing existing employees. From garden leave clauses, to notice periods and restrictive covenants we will provide an encompassing session which unravels all of the myths.

Session 5 ­- Thursday 14 November 2019


In the final forum, we will cover a topic or topics chosen by the delegates, in advance. We will give the delegates the opportunity to nominate topics of particular interest to them in advance and the forum will then cover the most popular topic(s).

The HR Forums promise to be interesting and engaging as well as educational. Come along, join in, share best practice and increase your knowledge and experience. The HR Forum is a networking group aimed at HR and Operations Managers, together with anyone who is responsible for managing people in their organisation. This is a perfect opportunity for you to get up to date whilst building a supportive network of simpleminded peers.

Timings for each session:

  • 8.30am Registration, refreshments and networking
  • 9.00am Welcome and round table discussion
  • 10.00am Q & A and networking
  • 10.15am ­ Close
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