Role of the Chair

Chair of GreaterSport – Job description

  • To provide effective leadership of the Board and GreaterSport in setting the vision, mission, values, strategies and policies of the Charity
  • To ensure that the Charities strategy is executed effectively and that the Charities reputation and financial position remain strong.
  • To appoint and work with a Senior Independent Director who is able to both support and challenge the work of the Chair and deputise on his/her duties and responsibilities.
  • To ensure that all trustees are fully inducted and have a clear understanding of their duties in partnership with the Chief Executive.
  • To chair the Board and work with the Chief Executive to formulate the agenda and advise on papers as appropriate.
  • To attend and, or chair sub committees and other ad hoc meetings of the main board in line with the requirements of the Charity.
  • To ensure all trustees are active participants, contributing to the strategic direction of the Board and associated programme/skill related areas of the business.
  • To participate in an individual and whole board performance appraisal to monitor the boards effectiveness, in line with recommendations from the UK Code of Governance for Sport and participate in any training highlighted as a result of the evaluation process.
  • To work with the Nominations and Remuneration to ensure strong succession planning within the Board and Senior team at the Charity.
  • To be a strong advocate of our work, promoting the benefits of physical activity and sport in supporting wider societal outcomes in your role as Chair and beyond.
  • To develop and nurture relationships with key partners and organisations in support of our organisational aims and objectives.
  • To uphold the values of the organisation, leading by example.
  • To ensure that GreaterSport promotes equality and diversity.
  • To work with the Chief Executive in pursuit of GreaterSports mission, providing leadership, direction and support as appropriate to maximise the impact on the Charity and wider team.
  • To hold the Chief Executive to account for the effective execution of the organisations strategic aims and objectives
  • To conduct an annual appraisal of the Chief Executive and support on-going professional development

Chair of GreaterSport – Person specification

Candidates for the role of Chair of GreaterSport need to meet the following person specification:

Essential skills, knowledge and experience

  • Strong alignment with GreaterSports values; Passion, Integrity, Purpose.
  • Experience of leading boards or operating at a high level within a board or company
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Innovative thinker with an ability to focus on the issues and take an objective viewpoint in making judgements.
  • An entrepreneurial background with experience of developing, implementing and guiding strategy.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and people skills with an ability to develop and nurture positive relationships within and outside of the organisation.
  • A positive attitude to improving equality and diversity within the board and organisation.

Desirable skills, knowledge and experience

  • Understanding of effective governance within a charity/company and the challenges faced, particularly in the charity sector
  • Understanding of the physical activity and sport sector and its associated structures (national to local level).

Time commitment

  • 4 – 5 Board meetings per year plus meeting with CEO and other members of staff as appropriate.
  • Attendance at key events such as the Greater Manchester Sports Awards, School Games and other similar events (3 – 4 per year)
  • Within reason, to be available on the phone or email in order that advice and authorisation can be sought between meetings as necessary
  • Attendance at sub-committee meetings (normally 2 – 3 per year)
  • Occasional meetings with funding organisations