Elizabeth Hill

Moving Forces Programme Lead

Date joined: January 2020

Professional background: During my first working years I gained valuable experience in Equine Therapy and Aquatic Coaching. From these positions, I gained a deep appreciation for the positive mental and physical benefits sport offers.

I graduated from Texas Tech University in 2017 with a split degree in Forensic Anthropology and French. I have considerable volunteer experience in equine therapy working with those with disabilities to enable the improvement of their mental and physical health. 

Professionally, I have a mostly administrative background from working in Purchasing, Coordination, Human Resources, Finance and Research, and Archival Management in sectors ranging from Rail Development to Education. 

My interest in project management and physical activity's impact on mental health has ended me in a fantastic role with GreaterSport, assisting in the delivery of Moving Forces. 

Favourite Activity: Climbing

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