The Greater Manchester Headteachers’ Alliance consists of a group of Headteachers passionate and determined to see young people from across Greater Manchester achieve their full potential in school and life. They believe that through engagement in physical activity, high quality PE and school sport opportunities, young people become competent and confident learners. Their overall vision is to improve the lives of all young people through Physical Education, Physical Activity & School Sport.

 A key role of the Alliance is to oversee the implementation of the Physical Education, Physical Activity and School Sport Strategy. The Strategy consist of four key ambitions:

  • High Quality Physical Education
  • Outstanding Physical Activity, Health & Well Being Opportunities
  • High Quality Sporting Opportunities
  • Exceptional Leadership for young people and school leaders

A copy of the Strategy can be downloaded to the right of this page.

In order to realise the ambitions, three strategic sub groups have been set up, for more information click on the links below:


You can sign up and pledge your support by simply clicking here.

The Strategy provides a common vision for everyone involved in the delivery of PE, Sport and Physical Activity in Greater Manchester. It has been developed with input from GreaterSport, the Youth Sport Trust and the School Games Organiser network. The purpose is to drive and support a more co-ordinated and targeted approach to the work being completed in schools, in order to increase opportunities and sports participation in schools.

We realise that such a commitment to change requires finance, specialist support and training and more importantly time for all schools if we are to make the difference to our young peoples’ lives. London 2012 promised to deliver a legacy, we find ourselves in an Olympic year again this year so there has never been a better time to really come together and make a difference.

We are not asking for financial support. All we are asking for is that Headteachers and Schools in Greater Manchester pledge their support for this strategy. This is important as it will enable us to gain momentum and seek to obtain funding from Government Organisations to develop and implement our Strategy.

If you would like more information or are interested in joining our Alliance, please contact Neville Beischer on 0161 370 5121 or Lisa Fathers on 0161 912 5913

Neville L Beischer (Chair)    Lisa Fathers (Co-Chair)