Results 2019/2020

Results from the 2019/2020 Greater Manchester School Games

Year 5/6 Lacrosse

13th March 2020


1. Hale Prep (Trafford)

2. Bowdon Church School (Trafford)

3. Mellor Primary School (Stockport)


1. St Gabriel's RC Primary School (Rochdale)

2. Greenside Primary School (Tameside)

3. Irlam Endowed Primary School (Salford)

Mainstream Indoor Rowing

11th March 2020

Y7 Boys Y7 Boys relay Y7 Girls Y7 Girls relay

1. Steven (Middleton Technology School, 521m)

2. Oliver (Crompton House, 518m)

3. Ben (St Ambrose College, 516m)

1. St Ambrose College, 2012m

2. Crompton House, 1852m

3. Bramhall High School, 1807

1. Maddie (Hathershaw College, 510m)

2. Emilia (Bury Grammar School, 501m)

3. Martynw (Newman RC College, 482m)

1. Abraham Moss Community School, 1809m

2. Hathershaw College, 1797m

3. Newman RC College, 1700m

Y8 Boys Y8 Boys relay Y8 Girls Y8 Girls relay

1. Jeffrey (Bramhall High School, 833m)

2. Gabriel (Bramhall High School, 828m)

3. Oliver (Crompton House, 805m)

1. Bramhall High School, 2257m

2. St Ambrose College, 2044m

3. The Blue Coat CE School, 1971m

1. Leah  (Middleton Technology School, 736m)

2. Freya (Bramhall High School, 735m)

3. Grace (Manchester High School for Girls, 726m)

1. Bramhall High School, 1893m

2. Manchester High School for Girls, 1854m

3. Parrs Wood High School, 1801m

Y9 Boys Y9 Boys Relay Y9 Girls Y9 Girls Relay

1. Henry (St Ambrose College, 1159m)

2. Jack (St Ambrose College, 1145)

3. Finlay (Bramhall High School, 1094m)

1. St Ambrose College - 1393m

2. Bramhall High School - 2358m

3. Middleton Technology School - 2097m

1. Chisom (Manchester High School for Girls, 982m)

2. India (Manchester High School for Girls, 959m)

3. Tanastwa (Manchester High School for Girls, 947m)

1. Manchester High School for Girls, 2004m

2. Parrs Wood High School, 1909m

3. Middleton Technology School, 1695m

Y10 Boys Y10 Boys Relay Y10 Girls Y10 Girls Relay

1. Daniel (St Ambrose College, 1404m)

2. Sam (St Ambrose College, 1401m)

3. Sebastian (St Ambrose College, 1349m)

1. St Ambrose College, 2453m

2. Bramhall High School, 2359m

3. The Blue Coat CE School, 2066m

1. Millie (Newman RC College, 1272m)

2. Georgia (The Blue Coat CE School, 1254m)

3. Yasmin (Bramhall High School, 1217m)

1. Bramhall High School, 2076m

2. The Blue Coat CE School, 1961m

3. Parrs Wood High School, 1825m

Y11 Boys Y11 Boys Relay Y11 Girls Y11 Girls Relay

1.Caleb (Newman RC College, 1636m)

2. Beaux (Parrs Wood High School, 1611m)

3. Oliver (St Ambrose College, 1601m)

1. Bramhall High School, 2432m

2. St Ambrose College, 2309m

3. Abraham Moss Community School, 2253m

1. Carys (Parrs Wood High School, 1433m)

2. Lizzie (Bramhall high school, 1377m)

3. Billie-Jean (Parrs Wood High School, 1330m)

1. Parrs Wood High School, 986m

2. Bramhall High School, 1906m


Inclusive Indoor Rowing

10th March 2020

Year 7 Boys SLD Year 7 Boys SLD relay Year 7 Boys MLD Year 7 Boys MLD relay

1. Connor (Redwood School, 335m)

2. Kaylem (Redwood School, 298m)

3. Jayden (Redwood School, 297m)

1. Redwood School, 473m

1. Oliver (Manor Academy, 479m)

2. Dainton (Redwood School, 437m)

3. (Redwood School, 372m)

1. Manor Academy, 714m

2. Redwood School, 669m

Year 7 Girls SLD Year 7 Girls SLD relay Year 7 Girls MLD Year 7 Girls MLD  relay

1. Ella (Redwood School, 197m)

2. Crystal (Redwood School, 179m)

1. Redwood School, 357m

1. Tiana (Manor Academy, 426m)

2. Christine (Manor Academy, 426m)

3. Sonia (Manor Academy, 406m)

1. Manor Academy, 740m

2. Redwood School, 558m

Year 8 Boys SLD Year 8 Boys SLD relay Year 8 Boys MLD Year 8 Boys MLD relay

1. Ryan (Reddish Vale High School, 682m)

2. Armmia (Reddish Vale High School, 671m)

3. Joe (Reddish Vale High School, 644m)

1. Reddish Vale High School, 899m

2. Redwood School, 765m

1. Declan (New Bridge School, 676m)

2. Craig (Manor Academy, 653m)

3. Abdullah (Manor Academy, 622m)

1. Manor Academy, 815m

2. New Bridge School, 789m

3. Redwood School, 762m

Year 8 Girls SLD Year 8 Girls SLD relay Year 8 Girls MLD Year 8 Girls MLD relay

1. Kasey (Reddish Vale High School, 584m)

2. Katlin (Reddish Vale High School, 538m)

3. Charlotte (Reddish Vale High School, 534m)

1. Reddish Vale High School, 773m

1. Robyn (New bridge school, 583m)

2. Libby (Redwood School, 550m)

3. Amy (New Bridge School, 530m)

1. Redwood School, 633m

2. New Bridge School, 607m

Year 9 Boys SLD Year 9 Boys SLD relay Year 9 Boys MLD Year 9 Boys MLD relay

1. Morgan (Melland High School, 848m)

2. Farhad (Melland High School, 802m)

3. Kais (Melland High School, 795m)

1. Melland High School, 857m

2. Redwood School, 523m

1. Daniel (New Bridge School, 885m)

2. Mckenzie (New Bridge School, 847m)

3. Riley (New Bridge School, 831m)

1. New Bridge School, 841m

2. Manor Academy, 808m

3. Redwood School, 731m

Year 9 Girls SLD Year 9 Girls SLD relay Year 9 Girls MLD Year 9 Girls MLD relay

1. Sophie (Manor Academy, 867m)

2. Hope (Manor Academy, 852m)

3. Ariana, (Manor Academy, 838)

1. Manor Academy, 907m

2. New Bridge School, 774m

3. Redwood School, 754m

Year 10 Boys SLD Year 10 Boys SLD relay Year 10 Boys MLD Year 10 Boys MLD relay

1. Eri (Piper Hill High School, 1153m)

2. Dimitrios (Redwood School, 980m)

3. Luke (Redwood School, 924m)

1. Piper Hill High School, 855m

2. Redwood School, 747m

1. Presley, (Redwood School, 1136m)

2. Lukieze (Redwood School, 1134m)

3. Zain (Redwood School, 1040m)

1. Redwood School, 992m
Year 10 Girls SLD Year 10 Girls SLD relay Year 10 Girls MLD Year 10 Girls MLD relay

1. Princess (Melland High School, 903m)

2. Emily (Piper Hill High School, 902m)

3. Dajnija (Piper Hill High School, 809m)

1. Piper Hill High School, 666m

2. Melland High School, 651m

1. Connie (New Bridge School, 1037m)

2. Sophie (New Bridge School, 905m)

3. Zainab (Redwood School, 870m)

1. New Bridge School, 650m

2. Redwood School, 640m

Year 11 Boys SLD Year 11 Boys SLD relay Year 11 Boys MLD Year 11 Boys MLD relay

1. Kai (Redwood School, 1392m)

2. Sheldon (Redwood School, 1309m)

3. Marvellous (Melland High School, 1303m)

1. Melland High School, 897m

2. Redwood School, 819m

3. Piper Hill High School, 670m

1. Bradley (New Bridge School, 1409m)

2. Liam (New Bridge School, 1357m)

3.Ethan (Redwood School, 1288m)

1. New Bridge School, 966m

2. Redwood School, 920m

Year 11 Girls SLD Year 11 Girls SLD relay Year 11 Girls MLD Year 11 Girls MLD relay

1. Evie (Redwood School, 1101m)

2. Tia (Redwood School,932m)

3. Simran (Redwood School, 704m)

1. Redwood School, 605m




Cross Country

1st February

Minor Boys Individual Minor Boys Teams Minor Girls Individual Minor Girls Teams

1. Jay (Stockport)

2. Finn (Trafford)

3. Bobby (Tameside)

1. Stockport

2. Bolton

3. Wigan

1. Emily (Tameside)

2. Jasmine (Salford)

3. Ella (Stockport)

1. Stockport

2. Bury

3. Bolton

Junior Boys Individual Junior Boys Teams Junior Girls Individual Junior Girls Teams

1. Max (Bury)

2. Matthew (Bolton)

3. Luke (Stockport)

1. Stockport

2. Trafford

3. Wigan

1. Freya (Stockport)

2. Sara (Trafford)

3. Matilda (Tameside)

1. Stockport

2. Trafford

3. Salford

Inter Boys Individual  Inter Boys Teams Inter Girls Individual Inter Girls Teams

1. Lucas (Wigan)

2. Sam (Salford)

3. Samuel (Salford)

1. Stockport

2. Trafford

3. Wigan

1. Katie (Stockport)

2. Lucy (Bolton)

3. Iaabelle (Trafford)

1. Bolton

2. Stockport

3. Trafford

Senior Boys Individual Senior Boys Teams Senior Girls Individual Senior Girls Teams

1. Lucas (Stockport)

2. Cynog (Manchester)

3. Joel (Bury)

1. Stockport

2. Manchester

1. Charlotte (Wigan)

2. Jesica (Trafford)

3. Samantha (Manchester)

1. Trafford

2. Manchester