The Government's Department of Health advises that one in four of us will experience mental ill health at some point in our lives. It is therefore important that employers and their staff take steps to promote positive mental health and support those experiencing mental ill health.

GreaterSport have partnered with Team Mental Health to provided mental health training to businesses across Greater Manchester.

Team Mental Health provide unique, tailored, level based online and face-to-face mental health awareness training for whole organisations. Developed by experienced consultant psychiatrists, Team Mental Health  training has been designed to help workplaces promote positive mental health and wellbeing by providing the necessary skills to prevent, detect, intervene early and support recovery from mental health problems so that:

  • Employees and employers are supported to be their best;
  • Organisations are able and confident to implement the ‘mental health core standards’ recommended in the Thriving at Work Review;
  • Individuals, teams and organisations can positively contribute to our communities from a position of good mental health;
  • Everyone within an organisation is empowered to look after their own mental health so, together, we can support each other.

Team Mental Health