Knowledge, Inspiration and Legacy

Here at GM Under 5s, it is our ambition that young children aged 0-5 have the best active start in life with physical literacy prioritised as a central feature.

We work primarily with early years and healthcare professionals to upskill those who work with children and young families around the importance of physical development and how to get children moving more. We support you in your roles and seek to find the best ways to work with you to promote physical activity for the under 5's; to role model an active lifestyle, and to encourage young children and their families to move towards a more active life.

“We aim to work closely with early years practitioners and health professionals to improve your knowledge, inspire you and leave a lasting legacy” Sharon Skade, Under 5s Physical Activity Development Officer

- We raise the knowledge of individuals and organisations around the importance of physical activity and movement from birth to 5 which has many benefits including aiding brain development

- We inspire our partners with our enthusiasm and passion and estimate we had a positive impact on 15,000 children in 2017

- Most importantly, we leave a legacy; our programmes are designed to have a strong CPD element where Physical Development Champions are nominated by their organisation and are given additional support in the form of training and mentoring from the GM Under 5s team. These important individuals go on to inspire others and cascade information through their teams and onto children and young families in their area.