Developed in partnership, endorsed by the NHS and Health Professionals and incorporated into the Greater Manchester ‘My personal child health record’, the Let’s Play Baby®, Let’s Play Toddler® and Let’s Play Pre-School® programmes were developed to support parents and professionals to promote vital early movement and dexterity skills that form the bedrock of lifelong activity.

Let’s Play is a 10 week programme for children and their parents/carers which aims to increase awareness of the need for physical activity from an early age. The purpose is to support parents to make informed future lifestyle choices for themselves and their young children. It’s about empowering behaviour change to deliver a legacy of increased physical activity in every day family life. Greater social interaction with peers results in potential improved mental health for new parents, increasing motivation and reducing anxiety as a result.

Let’s Play encourages adults to be more active role models; moving and playing with babies and younger children as part of the everyday routine. The programme encourages active lifestyles from the earliest opportunity without complicated ideas, expense and time restrictions. The interaction, freedom to move, explore and learn through experience will not only develop good physical literacy but also help a child be happier, healthier and more confident.

Health Visitors, Occupational Therapists, Children’s Centre’s, Nurseries and Community Playgroups are keen to use the resources which have been distributed across Greater Manchester. We are currently working with Bury Council and Trafford Council to up-skill their Early Years teams to deliver Let’s Play sessions themselves.

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For more information on the Let’s Play sessions, please contact Sharon Skade or call 07850 605353.