What is a Physical Development Champion?

  • Physical Development Champions are specially chosen people who can advocate for the importance of Physical Development/Physical Activity for children in the early years (from birth to 5 years)
  • They will work or volunteer in any of the following areas; early years education (e.g. nursery nurse, early years teacher/professional, children’s centre worker), primary education (e.g. reception teacher or school nurse), Health (e.g. Family Nurse Partnership, Midwife or Health Visitor), Volunteers (e.g. Homestart charity, peer supporters), or any role that brings you into regular contact with families with young children.
  • Becoming a Physical Development Champion is seen as a specialism/or an add-on to your current role and time should be given to you to develop your knowledge through training and mentoring from the Under 5s team at GreaterSport

Why become a Physical Development Champion?

There are many reasons why you/your employer may be keen on you becoming a Physical Development Champion;

  • Your organisation will have a person specifically tasked with promoting and advocating for Physical Activity/Physical Development for young children (from birth – 5 years). This will help your organisation meet EYFS requirements for Physical Development or support the Government’s Child Obesity Plan
  • You will receive extra input from the Under 5s team at GreaterSport in the form of discounted CPD e.g. networking days, access to high performing athletes, training and mentoring, subscription to the PD Champions Newsletter, and membership of the PD Champions closed networking group.
  • Access to age appropriate resources and activities
  • You can share your learning across the setting or workplace and you will have more confidence when talking to parents/carers or other stakeholders about the important of Physical Activity for young children
  • You will play a key role in improving child and family outcomes
  • To improve Physical Activity in Early Years Settings and to get children more active

Download our case study on the right hand side to read more about how the PD Champions scheme has a positive impact on settings.

To hear about how a Physical Development scheme works in practice, click here.

For more information on this scheme, please contact Sharon Skade sharons@greatersport.co.uk or call 07850 605353.