Walking is the easiest form of exercise you can do to get more active. It is a low impact activity so will not cause joint injury and it can easily be fitted into your daily life. Best of all it is free, and can be done anywhere, at any time and doesn’t require any equipment except a pair of flat shoes and some comfortable clothing.

Walking is perfect for everyone no matter what age you are. Enjoy it as a solo mission to get a clearer head or do it with team spirit and walk to work or school as a group.

Your daily schedule

Tweaking your daily routine to fit in a bit of exercise that can help get you in better shape, save your pennies and pounds, and change your life for the better due its long list of positive health benefits.

You could walk short journeys to school, work or to the shops or include some walking in a longer journey by public transport. If you fancy walking up stairs you’ll get a good heart and lung workout as well as strengthening and toning your legs and burning 4 times as many Calories as walking on the flat.

Planning your route

Have a look on the Urban Route Planner and see how easy it is to plan your route in your local area or a new destination. Many short walks from workplaces or residential areas have been plotted on the Walk4Life website so you can find tried and tested routes.

If you want to find a group to walk with or want more information regarding the health benefits, social benefits or help to get started then have a look on the useful linked websites below.

Useful Links

The Urban Ranger


Living Streets

Walking for Health

TfGM walking pages

Walking Green Corridor

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