Time on board - Four years

Why I joined the GreaterSport board - Sport and physical activity can really help improve peoples’ lives, not just physically but also socially and emotionally, and can help build communities. Getting involved with GreaterSport gives me the chance to help and be a part of encouraging more Greater Manchester residents to be more active.

Professional Background - My background is working in strategic housing and homelessness, and supporting people to access affordable housing. I have worked in the voluntary and housing association sectors, but spent most of my career in local authorities.

Current Job - I am currently Director of Growth and Regulatory Services at Trafford Council. I’m responsible for enabling economic growth in Trafford, attracting inward investment in new housing and businesses, but also ensuring that Trafford residents have the right skills and training to access the new jobs.

Skills I bring - I bring skills in governance, risk management, finance and business. And hopefully a sense of humour.

Areas of Expertise - My expertise is in strategic financial management, risk management good governance.

Personal Interests - Running, walking and cooking.