Colleagues walking down the streets

8 ways to improve your health and fitness in your daily life

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    26th September 2018

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Colleagues walking along a street

1) Walking and standing meetings

Some days feel like meeting after meeting and sitting all day can make you feel lethargic. If you need your computer in the meeting, why not make it a standing meeting? If you don’t need your computer, or you have a phone call, why not take a short walk instead of sitting?

2) Walk part of your commute

By getting off the bus, tram or train a stop early you can increase your physical activity levels with relative ease and with little disruption to your day. Why not try it on your way home tonight?

3) Choose the stairs

Start small, if the building’s ten stories tall, why not take the stairs for the first two floors and then jump in the lift? Your fitness will increase and in time, you’ll be able to walk all ten!

4) Ditch the car

*Only 30% of journeys in England between 1-2 miles long are walked. So next time you pop to the shops, drop your kids to school or head to a friend’s why not walk or cycle instead? You’ll improve yours and your children’s health and reduce pollution too!

5) Workplace Daily Mile

Sign your workplace up to do the Daily Mile – a 15 minute daily walk, jog or run at your own pace. Find out more here.

6) Park further away

When you’re going to the shops, instead of parking as close as you can, park a little further away. A small adjustment to incorporate at little more activity into your days.

7) Sit less

Sitting all day is bad for our health, why not see if your company can invest in standing desks? They’re proven** to have positive health benefits for employees, when used for just some of the day. It doesn’t have to be an all singing all dancing desk – tall bar-style tables will do the trick!

8) Use the tax system to get your workplace more active

Earlier this year, the government published guidance about how to use the UK tax system to help employees be more active. Take a look at the guidance here. If you’re not the boss, why not send it to them and ask them to look into it?

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** Reducing Occupational Sitting Time and Improving Worker Health: The Take-a-Stand Project, 2011