A Major National Orienteering Event comes to Manchester (1)

By GreaterSport | 03 July 2016 | TAGS: manchester, orienteering, runnning


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Manchester and District Orienteering Club will host the 2016 ‘Twin Peaks’ Orienteering Event on Saturday 9th July in Offerton and Sunday 10th July in Manchester City Centre.

This event is part of the UK Orienteering League and also the North West Sprint Championships. Orienteers will attend from all over the country to compete in a range of courses designed to test all age classes, from children as young as 10 years, through elite athletes of 18-21 years and veterans in their 80’s.

Orienteering is an exciting outdoor adventure sport which involves running or walking around a course in the quickest possible time, by deciding the best route, using a map and sometimes a compass. Both days of this event offer orienteering in urban environments.

Courses will also be on offer for novices to the sport and non-club members from young children accompanied by an adult, through to the fitter runner seeking the challenge of both mental and physical endurance.

Further details can be found at the Manchester and District Orienteering Club website: www.mdoc.org.uk

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