Active Lives Survey 16/17

By GreaterSport | 10 January 2018 | TAGS: GreaterManchester, research, insight


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Sport England have released the second Active Lives report for physical activity across England. The report marks a departure from the previous survey on sport and activity with gardening now excluded from their results. 

The report highlights a greater focus on spectating and volunteering in accordance to the Government's Sporting Futures strategy, with a dedicated section for volunteering. Volunteer data is provided for local authorities, the types of activities that people are volunteering for, and breakdown of roles across different demographic groups.

Key findings nationally:

  • 27.1 million (60.6%) people are active, 11.5 million (25.6%) are inactive.
  • Men are more likely to participate in sports and cycling, whereas women are more likely
    to do fitness classes and walking.
  • Half of all inactive people are 55+.
  • People from lower socio-economic groups are twice as likely to be inactive (33.5% v
  • More males volunteer in sporting events (60% v 40%).
  • Volunteering is heavily skewed toward higher social grades constituting 44% of all

What does this look like in Greater Manchester:

  • 59.6% of GM residents are active, lower than the national rate 60.6%.
  • 27.6% of GM residents are inactive compared with 25.6% nationally.
  • 27% of females are inactive compared to 23% of males.
  • Greater Manchester as a whole has a lower rate of volunteering 14.6% compared to national rate 14.9%.
  • Stockport has the highest rate of volunteering with 18.2%.

Understanding who is and isn’t active ensures we are able to embed evidence within projects aiming to promote greater physical activity and getting more people active across the region.

You can find the recent summary for Greater Manchester here.


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