Bee ways and Busy Beeways

  • Author

    Caz Whittle
  • Date

    28th June 2019

Bee ways and Busy Beeways

Representatives of Greater Manchester Walking Voice, warmly welcome the latest set of proposals for the UK’s largest cycling and walking network. We particularly welcome the significant increase in the total number of new and upgraded crossings proposed, these will help encourage more people to choose to walk to local services as the barriers of busy and dangerous roads are reduced.

The network of Beeways has been extended to cover some green routes, in addition to quiet streets, and we would want to work with TfGM and local authorities to identify more opportunities for including green routes in local active travel plans.

New to this plan are the proposed Busy Beeways, and in addition to the necessary high quality infrastructure for cyclists, we will want to be an active partner in developing the specific projects to help ensure that the design of the street scene, footways, surface quality and signage enable and positively encourage walking as the first choice for all short journeys.

Greater Manchester Walking Voice will organise a series of engagement events, to providing an opportunity for meaningful input to the discussion on these plans and to ensure that we can contribute expertise and insight to the plans for building of these ambitious network proposals.

GM Walking Voice is an informal network of people and organisations in Greater Manchester who are working to raise the profile of walking and enable more people to walk for travel and for leisure.

Its steering group includes representatives of The Ramblers, Transport for Greater Manchester, Living Streets, City of Trees, Sustrans, GM Moving and The Christie Foundation Trust

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