Bertram Nursery Group is our #GreaterNurseryoftheMonth

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    16th March 2017

Here’s what Ursula had to say about her experience with GM Under 5’s:


Following initial links with GreaterSport, Sharon contacted us regarding one of her team, Jo, who currently supports physical development in schools and is extending her practice to early years. Sharon asked if we could allow her to deliver some sessions at one of our nurseries in order for her to gain some experience and in return our setting would benefit from the complimentary sessions. One of our Manchester nurseries, that was graded ‘Requires Improvement’ the previous year, had been on a journey of development since inspection making steady progress, and we felt this was an ideal opportunity for the practitioners at Prestwich to improve their knowledge and practice with regard to physical development whilst Jo also gains some experience delivering in an early years setting.

What we did

After an introductory session with Sharon and Jo, we arranged for Jo to come and deliver a further 3 sessions with the 'Toddler Room' children with the proviso that staff take part in order to be able to continue the sessions after the planned sessions led by Jo.

What we found

The children really benefitted from the activities, growing with confidence following each session. The staff were enthusiastic about the different activities they could carry out and incorporate into their daily routines and they continued them between the sessions that Jo carried out. Staff began to understand the benefit of prioritising physical development as part of the daily routine, not only because it supports children’s physical development, but because children are naturally calmer, more focused and ready to learn all sorts of different things after they have been moving, which in turn impacts on the smooth running of the day.

What we did next/what happened

The nursery arranged a parent session in order that parents can join in and see the benefits of regular and challenging movement for children. The nursery have continued to incorporate more and more physical development into their day and the idea has been extended to the baby and preschool rooms. Outdoors as a result is now being better used in order to incorporate frequent gross motor movement that cannot be achieved as well indoors.

The setting was inspected by OFSTED a few weeks later and we were very pleased they achieved their ‘Good’ outcome; the reported noted that ‘Children enjoy physical activity outdoors on a daily basis’.

This experience has further embedded our passion for improving physical development provision for children throughout all of our settings and has cemented the need for us to get our Physical Development Champions initiative up and running as soon as possible.

Next steps

  • Arrange first PD champions network session in collaboration with GreaterSport
  • Establish who the PD champions will be in each setting and what their role will look like
  • Seek out funding that may support this initiative in order for it to be sustainable long term.