Developing Young Leaders Through Handball

By GreaterSport | 27 June 2018 | TAGS: schools, leadership, #SchoolSportWeek, #SuccessStories


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12 students from Salford City Academy (SCA) undertook a training course for the handball leader award.

Throughout the morning, students had the opportunity to play the game to develop their skills and knowledge of the game but most importantly develop their role as a leader. The students had to think about how they might adapt the games/drills to suit different groups of people. They grew in confidence as the course went on and were able to referee games by the end of the course.

Year 7/8 Handball Festival

The first event that they led was a handball festival for year 7 and 8 boys and girls. The aim of which for schools was to develop their skills in preparation for the level 2 competition.

The leaders had planned the festival beforehand along with the SGO and were confident leading the festival. They confidently delivered a warm up, skills/drills followed by a number of games. The festival was a huge success and the pupils got a lot from it and their confidence grew further.

Greater Manchester Winter Games 2018

On the 20th March the 12 handball leaders represented the school again by leading at the Greater Manchester Winter Games, organised by GreaterSport. There was an U13 boys and girls competition taking place at the National cycling centre. The leaders were responsible for time-keeping, keeping score and preparing teams to play their next game. The leaders once again showed excellent leadership skills and the event ran smoothly. This was a great event for the leaders to gain experience with such a large amount of participants.

The leaders have continued to develop their skills by helping to referee at two level 2 handball competitions. Their confidence has grown as the events have gone by and they are more than happy to referee alone, or with others.

Year 5 Primary Handball Festival

Their most recent event has been the Year 5 primary handball festival with 11 primary schools and 66 participants. They planned the festival beforehand and also involved leaders from Oakwood Academy in the planning and leading of the event. Oakwood have a fantastic leadership programme set up and it was encouraging to see how the leaders cooperated together to plan and deliver such a fantastic event. The leaders from SCA were confident teaching Oakwood about the rules of the game and the main skills involved. They also had the opportunity to practice the festival on a group of year 8 students from Salford City Academy, this was a brilliant time to reflect on any areas that may need improving and to build their confidence ready for the festival.

The leaders have come a long way since their first training in December and have grown in confidence at each event. They are looking forward to developing their skills further in the future, and are excited to support in future events.

Download the full case study here.

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