Five Things To Take Up, Rather Than Give Up, This Lent

By GreaterSport | 14 February 2018 | TAGS: health, wellbeing, Physical Activity


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1) Walk more

Take a break away from your desk every day and take a walk. A quick lap around the block can do wonders for your mental health, plus, with physically active employees taking 27% fewer sick days*, it’s a no brainer really!

2) Try a new sport

They say there’s a sport out there for everyone, why not try a new one, you may discover a hidden talent! Check out BBC Get Inspired and check out all the different sports on offer near you.

3) Lose the car

Active Travel is good for your health, the environment and your pocket. Could you make your commute more active? Try jumping on a Mobike, or get off Manchester Metrolink a stop or two early and walk the last bit! With an increase in journeys under a mile being made by car** rather than on foot, make the extra bit of effort to walk or cycle short journeys.

4) Sign up to volunteer at an event

Why not give something back this lent? Volunteering is a truly altruistic activity that will not only help others, but will help you develop too. Find opportunities across Greater Manchester through the Volunteer Inspire Programme here.

5) Inspire a friend

Who in your life could benefit from getting active? Physical activity can benefit an individual’s physical health, mental health and increase opportunities to socialise. What could you do to influence those around you to get more active?

* 2011 Census
** Department for Transport 2018

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