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GM Moving Research & Insight Brief

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    2nd November 2018

Tags: research, insight, tender

GM Moving's aim is to develop a simple, creative idea and a two-year integrated marketing/communications strategy to support a positive social movement that encourages behaviour change that normalises physical activity at neighbourhood level across Greater Manchester. Resulting in fewer inactive people by the end of the campaign period (2021), and putting us on the path towards our achieving our overall aim of 75% of the population active by 2025.

The first step to achieving this is to appoint a partner or a consortium with a lead organisation to provide the research and insight. This will include; 

  • Horizon Scanning. Insight on audiences, barriers, what’s been done before (globally, nationally and locally) what works and what doesn’t in terms of marketing and communicating physical activity messages, approaches and channels across the population and to reach the three specific target cohorts1, reviewing behaviour change theories and motivations.
  • Physical Activity Advice. Recommendations for narrative and key messages around physical activity levels (as simple as the ‘5 a day’ fruit and veg message). Reviewing options for minutes/steps, days/ weekly recommendations e.g. 150mins high intensity/30 mins a day – an understanding of how best to describe physical activity to GM people and the narrative(s) that can be used by the whole system to support whole population change. This should include testing of the options of narrative(s) with the key cohorts to help shape and focus key messages via listening to GM people.
  • Listening. Insight from GM residents that builds on the initial Taking Charge conversation2 and the GM Moving conversations that specifically listens to what residents know about physical activity guidelines/recommendations, and test options around narrative recommendations and explore where these audience absorb messages and what channels are effective.
  • Baseline – Physical activity levels in GM will be monitored separately but brief 1 must provide a baseline of current (2018) awareness levels in GM of Physical Activity recommendations.
This will be followed by a second brief which will be focused on the design, creative and content to support narrative into an education, awareness and behaviour change campaign and media buy.
The full brief can be downloaded here.