Greater Manchester Active Ageing Update (1)

By GreaterSport | 11 January 2018 | TAGS: ActiveAgeing, GMMoving, funding


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On behalf of the GM Ageing Hub and GM locality partners, on the 15th December 2017 GreaterSport submitted an application to Sport England for £1 million investment to support an increase in Active Ageing. We will hear the outcome of the application after the 20th February.

The GM (Greater Manchester) approach is aligned to the GM Moving transformational approach to increasing physical activity levels among inactive groups and the GM Active Ageing Hub vision to create an Age Friendly City Region.

The primary outcomes of the GM Active Ageing programme are:

  • To support inactive older people (aged 55+) to achieve at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week.
  • Build the evidence base about this diverse group in terms of their behaviours and attitudes, how they should be targeted and what approaches do and don’t work.

GM will test new approaches to supporting inactive older adults to adopt and sustain a more active lifestyle in 8 GM localities, and seek to learn how to scale up and embed effective practice in future service design. This will be achieved by:

  • Transforming the conversation about active ageing and encourage strength based conversations with older adults.
  • Embedding physical activity in whole system community approaches that support improved outcomes for older adults.
  • Linking physical activity for older adults to local models of social prescribing across GM.

There will be several cross-cutting themes that will operate across all the GM pilots which include:

  • Workforce development to support learning, replicability and experience of whole system approaches and the application of behaviour change principles.
  • Volunteer training to support older adults to become more active.
  • Peer support and use of community champions to support target groups to move out of inactivity.
  • Use of positive images and language to change the narrative and promote a new positive vision of ageing.
  • Using the principles of co-production and strength-based conversations with older people to encourage more active lifestyles among inactive people aged 55 and over.

Next Steps

From January to March GreaterSport will recruit an evaluation partner for the programme and we will work with local leads to develop the delivery plans, evaluation frameworks and metrics to measure impact of the pilots at intervention and system level. We will also continue to work with all Active Ageing partners to develop our understanding of whole-system approaches, the use of behaviour change principles and person centred conversations to understand attitudes and motivations.

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