Greater Manchester Moving Update

By GreaterSport | 11 January 2018 | TAGS: GMMoving


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The work to implement GM Moving and embed physical activity within the transformational work in GM (Greater Manchester) is continuing at pace. The Walking and Cycling Report, ‘Made to Move’ from the GM Walking and Cycling Commissioner, Chris Boardman was accepted by GM leaders in December. It outlines how to deliver a step change in walking and cycling in GM and calls for £1.5bn investment. This work is aligned to the GM Moving ambition and will accelerate the walking and cycling components of GM Moving.

The announcement by Sport England that Greater Manchester is one of the 12 Local Delivery Pilot (LDP) areas will also bring investment into GM. The LDP will focus on 3 target audiences;

  • Driving the work to help children to be more active outside of school. 
  • People at risk of falling out of work or who have been unemployed for less than 2 years to remain economically active through more active lifestyles.
  • Develop the work to encourage a more active lifestyle as a preventative measure for those aged 40-60 at risk of limiting long term conditions.

GM will work with Sport England over the next few months to understand what and how the 4 year investment and partnership will make a difference to people’s lives in GM within the context of the GM transformational work.

The new governance arrangements for GM Moving will be finalised and approved next week, paving the way for a new steering group to be established. This will involve leaders from across the breadth of the GM Moving agenda who can work within specialist areas to influence, advocate and implement the identified priority actions.

Work is also underway to develop a network of workforce training providers who can support the shift in the way we work to achieve the ambition of GM Moving. A framework for evaluation of GM Moving across the whole system is also being drawn up with the help of expert evaluators. Early discussions have also started with communications leads from across GM Moving stakeholders to provide some consistency in messaging.

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