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  • Author

    Caz Whittle
  • Date

    30th January 2019

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In May we will be running the 2019 Greater Manchester Walking Festival! Our wish is to showcase and publicise all the great walking opportunities and groups there are in Greater Manchester and to encourage people to walk more and more often.
The Festival is just part of The Ambition to Make Greater Manchester the First ‘Walking Region’ in the UK.

It has been running for 4 years with 2018’s festival attracting over 5000 participants on a led walk in Greater Manchester.

It’s a great way to promote the physical, health, mental wellbeing and social and community development benefits of walking as well as raising the profile of local groups and opportunities.

Look out for more information about the Walking Festival coming soon with details of led walks including short walks, longer ramblers, Nordic Walks and walking sports.

The festival also celebrates ‘National Walking Month’, ‘Walk to School Week’ and is run in partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester.

The Ambition to Make Greater Manchester the First ‘Walking Region’ in the UK

The Walking Festival is just one way we are supporting increased walking across Greater Manchester as part of the ambition is to make GM the first ‘Walking region’ in the UK!

To realise GM Moving’s aim, of supporting 75% of people to get active by 2025 and make regular exercise the norm for residents of all ages and backgrounds, we are empowering a movement through the creation of a walking culture on a scale not seen anywhere else. We want walking to become a normal part of everyday life.

The ambition is to make GM the first ‘Walking region’ in the UK, where walking becomes a cultural norm and the first choice for travel. By investing in walking and complementing wider investment into infrastructure and localities ‘GM Walking’ aims to create a social movement for walking that will help to reduce health care costs caused by physical inactivity and improve overall health and wellbeing of our residents.

What do we mean by walking?

Walking for leisure in a formal walking group, as an individual or informally with a friend(s)

Building walking into everyday routines such as a lunchtime walk at work or a ‘daily mile’

Functional walking, such as when going shopping

Active travel – walking to get from A to B i.e. walking to work or school.

What are we doing?

We have employed a GM Moving Walking team who will drive the ambition to become the first walking region.

We are working alongside partners and have created ‘Walk GM’ a walking network and ‘voice’ for walking to influence Greater Manchester strategies and plans. Through this forum, we will share best practice and deliver regular networking and ‘learning’ groups.

We are developing a marketing campaign to deliver messaging and engagement.

We are working with workplaces to increase walking at work through The Daily Mile, lunchtime walks and Community Miles.

We will form a GM network of ‘walking champions’ made up of organisations and community members/volunteers and buddies.

We will develop tools and resources to raise awareness of benefits of and promote walking in communities and workplaces

We will support and grow the number of walking groups and events across Greater Manchester.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about the Walking Programme or have ideas of how you can support the Walking Region Ambition.