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How can you support Greater Manchester's quest to become smoke free this Summer?

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    11th July 2018

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Ten ‘Smokefree Summer’ events have been designated, one in each of Greater Manchester’s districts, so that people can temporarily experience the benefits of a smokefree outdoors.

And while the request not to smoke won’t be officially enforced at the events, which will include carnivals, family fun days, sports events, music festivals and outdoor theatre showings, organisers hope that people attending will see the benefits of not lighting up. Cancer Research UK (CRUK) continues to encourage a smokefree environment at all of its Race for Life events.

Most people in Greater Manchester support the idea of creating more permanent smokefree outdoor spaces, for example around schools, in playgrounds and in doorways. And as part of the city-region’s ambition to Make Smoking History, it’s something that may soon become reality.

Sarah Price, Executive Lead for Population Health at Commissioning at Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “We see Smokefree Summer events as an opportunity for people to enjoy temporary smokefree spaces, and better understand the value of more permanent smokefree zones.

“Smokefree environments, whether indoors or outdoors, make everyone feel better. Even outside there is risk from breathing in second-hand smoke, particularly for children.

“With smoking continuing to be an addiction that starts in childhood, we want to do everything we can to persuade people that smoking isn’t the norm anymore in Greater Manchester.”

Sarah Price added: “Initiatives like Smokefree Summer are just one of the things we are doing to make our ambition of Making Smoking History within a generation a reality.”

The first Smokefree Summer event is Stockport Carnival on July 21, 2018 and events will take place through the rest of the summer including Bolton's 'Sport on the Square', Oldham's 'Your Oldham' and Manchester's 'Bee in the City Weekender'.

Are you organising an event? Organisers are encouraged to designate their own outdoor events as smokefree, and supporting communications materials such as logos, digital assets and artwork for print is available in the Smokefree Summer Communications Toolkit.

To request a communications toolkit, please contact

To find out more about Greater Manchester’s ambition to Make Smoking History, visit