Husband and Wife from Oldham Cricket Club Awarded 'Heartbeat of the Club' OSCA

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    11th September 2017

Oldham Cricket Club’s Rashid and Saida Hussain have been awarded the ‘Heartbeat of the Club’ Outstanding Service to Cricket Award for their unflagging contributions to the club and cricket.

For a number of years, Rashid alongside Saida have run Oldham CC, taking on all aspects of club work. This is not only in terms of voluntary hours but also from a financial perspective. The club has historically been an active member of the former Central Lancashire League, but in recent years, due to lack of volunteers and struggling finances, have found it difficult to remain afloat.

On receiving news of the award Rashid said: “On behalf of Saida and myself, thank you very much for the kind recognition. We will carry on working with Oldham CC and for the love of the game.”

Managing Director of the Lancashire Cricket Board, Bobby Denning added: “The title of this recognition, is the most appropriate for Rashid and Saida.

“Many clubs will rightly wish for more volunteers and a lack of them is a constant frustration for many. Very few if any will rely solely on 2 people, a married couple, to simply run every aspect of the club, on and off the field.

“Each time I have met Rashid and Saida, I go away, astounded with his and his wife's commitment to simply keep the club going. I challenge anyone to not be impressed, dare I say shocked, about what both do - alone.

“It is for this reason that we wish to recognise a couple, going way beyond what volunteering should be, simply to keep cricket being played at Oldham CC. The club has our support to make every small step forward.”

Further to being awarded the LCB OSCA, Rashid and Saida will be put forward to be considered for the National OSCAs, which will take place at Lord’s Cricket Ground on Monday 9th October.