Improving Student Behaviour Through Physical Activity

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    29th June 2018

Tags: schools, #SuccessStories, #SchoolSportWeek

Garrett Hall are a two form entry primary school in Wigan, Greater Manchester. This academic year they have introduced a project to improve behaviour in school through P.E. and physical activity, the key behavioural aspects of the project include discipline, respect, attendance and punctuality.

Garrett Hall decided to start this project after reading a number of studies, particularly from Youth Sport Trust, which showed that children’s behaviour improves if they increase their levels of activity. It also showed that when the key values of respect, honesty and fair play are taught through sport, they are able to appeal to children who possibly may not have listened otherwise.

The school carried out research to develop and shape the project for the year. They gave questionnaires to pupils, class teachers and lunchtime assistants which looked into the behaviour and attitude of their learning. Along with this, pupils of Garrett Hall were given a voice via the school council, this combined with the research would hopefully provide the best outcome for the project.

From the findings, the school put actions in place which would help them work towards their project goal of improved behaviour. They introduced weekly Mini Whistler behaviour sessions; these involved taking children who did not adhere to the school behaviour policy and working with them each week on key values through sport.

They were also visited by the School of Military who delivered a course to the school to help develop respect. The school have also introduced new ways to get the pupils physically active such as playground challenges at break and lunch times as well as The Daily Mile.

Since putting the project into place Garrett Hall has been successful in all of its key aims! The school have seen a great improvement in pupils’ behaviour overall but especially with those who were regularly not adhering to the behavioural rules. The number of behavioural incidents amongst those pupils reduced by 63% when the project target was 10%! These pupils have also had increased attendance to clubs by 76% (project target 30%) and their attendance to competitions by 67% (project target 30%). In terms of the whole school the numbers do not disappoint either, they have seen an increased attendance to clubs from 473 to 485 sessions (3%) and competition attendance from 791 to 841 sessions (6% increase).

I love Mini Whistlers because we have learnt about the handshake, fair play and honesty. - Declan, Pupil

I feel less angry because everyone is fair and shows respect and it’s helped me a lot with my anger. - Davey, Pupil