More people moving in Greater Manchester…. but inequalities still exist

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    30th April 2019

Tags: research, insight

More people are moving in Greater Manchester (GM) as highlighted by the recent release of Sport England’s Adults Active Lives Survey. Since 2015-16 inactivity levels have dropped by 1.7%, three times as much as nationally of 0.5%. There are now 73.2% of adults moving in GM which equates to 1.63 million. 

When you combine this with children and young people there are 1.896 million people and 69.6% of the population moving in GM, an increase of 67,280 people since 2015-16.


However, there are still more than a quarter of adults (26.8%) that are inactive, which equates to 596,800 adults in GM.

There are significant inequalities across people and place in inactivity levels. Although the inactivity gaps across gender and disability have narrowed in GM, more so than nationally and more in some boroughs than others, they still exist. The socio-economic gap has remained the same, both nationally and in GM, but has reduced in some boroughs. Whilst the gap has not narrowed for age in GM as it has nationally, inactivity has reduced across all age groups.


More detailed breakdowns for each borough and GM can be downloaded here.