Public Health England Launch Report With Advice to Help us Age Better

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    4th July 2018

Across the life course, it is paramount that strength and balance are integrated into daily living to enable aerobic activity to happen naturally and with confidence. There are a number of perceptions that physical activity is all about playing sport, when in actual fact physical activity is much more than this. It's as simple as a brisk walk to get the heart pumping!

As a result of a number of academic papers (such as this one from the Journal of Frailty, Sarcopenia and Falls) there is consistent research to promote the importance of strength and balance which is informing the, soon to be released 2019 Physical Activity Guidelines. The Physical Activity guidelines for the UK are created to advise the general population about the recommended frequency, intensity, time and type of physical activity. It prevents the development of chronic diseases and helps to maintain or improve both physical and mental wellbeing. Key findings across the literature have highlighted that strength and balance exercises “encourage significant improvements at any age throughout the life course” to both improve everyday functioning and reduce the risk of mortality in middle to older aged individuals.

Read more about the guidelines and what you can do to ensure you stay healthy for longer here.