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Roller Derby World Cup comes to Greater Manchester

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    8th January 2018

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The Roller Derby World Cup Committee, in collaboration with the Roller Derby Nations Committee, and Rainy City Roller Derby, are organising the Third Roller Derby World Cup, RDWC2018, which will be taking place in Trafford, Greater Manchester, 1 to 4 February 2018.

With previous Roller Derby World Cups in 2011 (13 nations), and 2014 (30 nations) held in North America, the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup sees the largest ever International Roller Derby Event bring 38 Nations and Quasi-national groups to Europe, and the UK, for the first time.

The event, hosted in Trafford’s EventCity, will bring together teams from nations across the world - with every inhabited continent but India represented - and with all levels of experience (all 13 of the attendees from the first World Cup are attending, and 11 teams are attending for the first time in 2018).

How can you get involved?

Support our local athletes

The following 6 players from Oldham's Rainy City Roller Derby are representing England:

  • Fay Roberts
  • Alex Wilde
  • Philly
  • Missy Rascal
  • Alex Valentine
  • Menace 

Attend the event

Tickets are available here.

Be part of the event

They are looking for any sporting group or another type of group (cheerleading, dance troupes, fire breathers, anything at all!) who would like to give a demonstration in between games. If you would like to showcase what you do to the world (the event is being streamed on ESPN and the internet) then email Jenny Archer-Power -

More information about the event can be found here and information on how you can try roller derby in Greater Manchester can be found here