Schools Urged to Sign Up to GM Daily Mile Celebrations

By GreaterSport | 13 September 2017 | TAGS:


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With 68% of 5 – 15 year olds are not achieving the Chief Medical Officer ACTIVE Guidelines local sports charity, GreaterSport are urging all Greater Manchester schools to join in with the Greater Manchester Daily Mile celebration event on the 22nd September. You do it at any point within the school day and however you like – run, jog or walk. Schools who have pledged to do the mile will be in with a chance to win some great prizes.

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham showed his support by attending Oakfield Primary School this week and joined in their second daily mile of the week. A short video clip can be found here ( uk/dailymile). Olympic gold medal Hockey winner, Nicola White MBE and Elaine Wylie, founder of the The Daily Mile™ will be joining us in Manchester for the celebration event on the 22nd to inspire more schools to take part in the Daily Mile.

There are already 82 schools in the county signed up the Daily Mile but with 850 in total across the county, there is more to do.

The idea behind The Daily Mile is that it is not sport or PE, it focuses on health and well-being and encourages children to adopt healthy habits early on so that they can carry this through to adulthood.

Immediate benefits include sharper focus and greater concentration (leading to better learning) and longer-term benefits include increased physical fitness and children who are more aware of their own health and well-being.

Andy Burnham commented;

“There are currently 82 schools taking part in the Daily Mile but I would love to see this increase so that all children across Greater Manchester are active for at least 15 minutes every day.

“More than 250,000 young people across Greater Manchester don’t currently reach the Chief Medical Officer Guidelines for getting the right amount of activity a day and we need to change that. Let’s get Greater Manchester moving.”

Matt Stocks, Senior Development Manager at GreaterSport commented;

“It will be fantastic to have schools from across Greater Manchester all doing their daily mile or equivalent of 15 minutes activity on the same day. Although all schools signed up won't be in the same venue, it will be brilliant to have the sense of thousands of children doing the mile on the same day. It’s a great opportunity to showcase the work being done amongst schools in our County to encourage young people to be active from a young age.”

Elaine Wyllie commented;

“The Daily Mile has been described by so many as a “no brainer”, offering a wealth of health and well-being benefits to children at a critical time in their development. As The Daily Mile grows in popularity I hope to see this initiative formally endorsed for all UK schools just as it has been in Scotland.”

There are prizes to be won and a real sense of being part of the Greater Manchester event. Schools should sign up to do their mile on the 22nd September at

The Daily Mile logo and 'The Daily Mile' name are trademarks belonging to The Daily Mile Foundation, Hawkslease, Chapel Lane, Lyndhurst. U.K. and are reproduced with permission. All rights reserved. 

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