Sport England Local Delivery Pilot Forward Plan

By GreaterSport | 13 February 2018 | TAGS: Sport England, GMMoving


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In November 2017, Greater Manchester was confirmed as one of Sport England’s Local Delivery Pilot (LDP) areas. An introductory meeting of Sport England and the 12 Local Delivery Pilot areas took place on 12 December.

Following this, a paper was tabled at the GM Moving Programme Board on 12 January 2018. A summary of the paper and key next steps is set out below for partners, stakeholders and wider circulation.

Please share this circular, and encourage those who feel that they can support the work with these three audiences, to register their interest for the relevant workforce sessions via email to [email protected].

1.Summary of Local Delivery Pilot Stage 2 Submission and Next Steps

The Local Delivery Pilot will enable an acceleration of the scale, pace and depth to the GM Moving implementation, with three priority audiences and some key cross cutting themes set out below. It is also an opportunity to be part of a national community of learning in population scale change through a whole system approach.

1.1 Audience Focus

1. Children and Young People in out of school settings

2. People out of work and people in work but at risk of becoming workless.

3. People age 40-60 with, or at risk of long term conditions, specifically cancer, CVD and respiratory diseases

Cross cutting themes across each audience will focus on mental health and wellbeing, the inactive and reducing inequalities. These connections are in strong alignment with the outcomes within the GM Strategy and the Population Health Plan.

2. Next Steps

2.1 Governance and partnership arrangements are in place. This means we now have a clear route for decision making, with pace and without compromising quality. Our system understands scale and pace, as we have demonstrated in the devolution process.

2.2 Key steps for inception:

2.2.1 Assessment of programme management resources required and further movement of people to build a blended team. We are keen to see programme management resources for this programme considered in the round, in the context of the wider GM Moving/MOU programme in order that we are efficient and effective.

2.2.2 Drawing up Project Initiation Documents for each stream of work setting out the business case, targets, milestones and evaluation criteria.

2.2.3 A specific lens on the audiences. Thus far we have given a fairly broad outline on this. Using the data and insight and the process outlined, we have collated the information we already have and will convene a series of sessions with the audiences, workforces that they engage with, lead partners and national/GM experts, to consider the information, identify any gaps and focus in on the priorities and investable propositions.

3. The Approach to Transformational Change

We will follow the approach set out below with each priority audience see p.20/21 GM Moving for full details.

We will engage partners from across sectors, as we go on this journey, including national and local experts in their field, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP), Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), GreaterSport, Travel for Greater Manchester (TfGM), Greater Manchester Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (GM VCSE) organisations, Integrated Care Organisations and Sector Partners, including GM Active, GM Head Teachers Alliance, National Governing Bodies, charitable organisations, professional sports clubs and foundations, Health Innovation Manchester, those signed up to support GM Moving, and critically - those we haven’t met yet.

The next stage of building momentum will be through the recruitment of local leaders and champions across GM and harnessing their passion and energy to lead and support each other towards active lives. 

Our VCSE sector is poised to embed physical activity as part of cross cutting solutions to social and community development in neighbourhoods.

We will engage directly with the people from the three audiences, through Phase 2 of the data, evidence and insight work.

This will require capacity in the areas of leadership, project management, event management and facilitation, engagement and communications.

It is proposed we draw down some initial LDP investment to enable this work to take place from January - May.

Data, evidence, insight and mapping will shape our understanding of these audiences, and will consider questions including where people live, work, go to school, engage in community life; the international/national/local evidence and insight about barriers and enablers of physical activity engagement; individual and community support needs.

4. LDP Leadership Requirements

The LDP work will require some additional capacity, which is currently being explored. Initial plans are for a programme team which incorporates an overall LDP Director, Programme Management Roles, and Programme Support Officers, with insight and engagement, evaluation, marcomms and workforce leads identified or recruited/seconded.

In terms of Governance, the three audience focused Programme Managers and the Programme Director will feed back up to GM Moving Steering Group and Exec Groups (see governance at

The line management of these roles will be via the GM Moving Strategic Manager and the Assistant Director of Population Health at GMHSCP.

5. Next Steps

The GM Moving Executive Group discussed and agreed that the following next steps would be explored in detail at the first meeting with Sport England on 26th January:

5.1 The role of Executive and Steering Group members (and others) in leading this work.

5.2 Identification of a lead for each audience workstream to progress the ‘round table’ events, identify expert reference members and advise on insight needs.

5.3 Further explore the nature of key relationships with Sport England senior executive and others to ensure close and regular involvement in LDP governance and direction.

5.4 Decide the process and timescales through which to draw down initial LDP investment to start the work.

5.5 Discuss and agree the process and leadership to recruit the project team.

5.6 Agree the resourcing and approach to buy interim capacity, ensuring that the work begins immediately, and prior to the recruitment of the full team.

6. Following a meeting with Sport England, the following steps are now being taken:

6.1 Submission of a solicited application to Sport England, to bring in the required interim and longer term capacity needed to lead this work (addressing 5.2, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 above).

6.2 Extension to the data, evidence and insight work being led by Press Red, and supported by the GM Moving Insight Group, to bring this together quickly, to inform the audience, workforce and ‘expert’ engagement.

6.3 Establishment of dates for Steering and Executive Group meetings to ensure timely communication, engagement and decision making (addressing 5.1 and 5.3 above).

7. Communications

The pace of this work presents some challenges in effective and timely communication and engagement. There will be a monthly update like this, shared at Questions and ideas are welcome. Please email [email protected] if you’d like to get in touch.

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