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Sportivate programme comes to an end after engaging over 50,000 young people in GM

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    15th June 2018

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Sportivate is a £56 million Lottery funded project that gives more young people the chance to discover a sport that they love. The programme gives 14-25 year-olds who are not particularly sporty or active, access of up to eight weeks' of free or subsidised coaching in a range of sports. During the programme, those taking part can work towards an event or personal challenge.

Sportivate was launched in June 2011 as a four-year programme but due to its success, additional funding of £10m per year was invested. This allowed the programme to run until March 2017. From September 2013, Sportivate extended its age group so that 11-13 year-olds could also take part.

Key learnings across the programme:

  • Socialising is as important if not more so than the activity itself for young people.
  • Success was had where the activity was taken to new organisations and partners who already engage with inactive people, where activity could then be integrated into their programme.
  • Building in an opportunity to gain new skills and qualifications, gain leadership qualities, as well as engagement in activity proved popular. 

GreaterSport have provided a review of the programme incorporating the impact through local statistics, financial investment, social return on investment, and a range of case studies across demographics and inactive cohorts. For every £1 invested there was a £2.33 broad societal social return on investment over a 1 year period. The programme engaged over 56k individuals, 72% of which were retained across the 6-8 week programmes. The full report can be viewed here.