GM Moving

Training Deliverers needed to aid Workforce Development

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    3rd November 2017

Tags: GMMoving, training, opportunities, workforce development

For GM Moving to succeed, we need to build the knowledge, skills and understanding of the workforce across Greater Manchester, to embed physical activity, make every contact count and develop a diverse workforce fit to deliver the ambitions of the plan.

Transformational leadership will require transformational development opportunities for the physical activity, sport, health and wider workforce across Greater Manchester.

As we embark on the journey to implement GM Moving, we are establishing a virtual, flexible team of providers, trainers and leadership developers, that we can call on to support this work.

If you have skills that will help us on this journey, we are keen to hear from you.

The priorities in GM Moving are outlined below:

The areas of need initially include: Asset Based Community Development, Behaviour Change, Systems Leadership, Insight into Action, Social Leadership, Story Telling and Influencing, Person and Community Centred Approaches, Customer Focus, Logic Models, Outcome Based Commissioning and Meaningful Evaluation.

More details, the expression of interest and how to get in contact are here