Utilising Funding to Grow School Activity Offering

By GreaterSport | 27 June 2018 | TAGS: schools, #SuccessStories, #SchoolSportWeek


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St Mary’s RC Primary School in Rochdale decided to tackle student participation in extra-curricular sports this year. After they looked at data from previous years they found there were certain groups of pupils they needed to improve the participation of: Year 3, 4 and 6 Girls.

What They Did

The school decided to add new, targeted, extra-curricular activities to try and increase participation of the targeted groups. They also gave them more opportunity to participate by having sessions before school and during lunch time. However to offer the new activities to pupils the school needed more staff and so the leadership team has now employed two additional sport assistants.

Since the addition of the two new staff there has been a noticeable difference in the PE department, one of the staff has said;

“Since the introduction of the two new sport assistants, as a department, we have been able to offer more clubs, introduce new sports and create additional teams in sports we already offer.”

The school has also found the actions they took have had a significant impact on the school. They were able to introduce four new sports to the curriculum within PE and as extra-curricular activities:

  • Dance (3 times a week)
  • Badminton (2 clubs a week for 30 pupils)
  • Table Tennis (4 clubs a week for 64 pupils)
  • Orienteering (Classroom based activities with offsite training)

St Mary’s have seen an all-round increase in their levels of participation from 66% to 87%. As a result the school has been able to enter several competitions and tournaments which previously they would not have be able to.

Another way to increase physical activity which the school have got involved with is through The Daily Mile. This sees the majority of Key Stage 2 children take part each day, Rochdale Council even used the school to showcase the Daily Mile at the Physical Activity Stake Holders meeting in Rochdale!

“This year we have been able to take part in new sports which the school have put on for us. I have been to table tennis, badminton and a dance festival this year!” Leah Hocklin, Y6

Download the case study here.

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