Working Together to Offer More Handball Opportunities

By GreaterSport | 28 September 2018 | TAGS: clubs, #SuccessStories, membership


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Trafford Handball is run by Stan Beliński, an international handball player with over 20 years’ experience, he is passionate for growing the sport. After seeing the demand amongst schools and local residents, particularly after the sports' inclusion on the PE curriculum, he opened the club. 

The project went live in May following extensive research and consultation with England Handball which ensured they had an understanding of who wanted to play and the clubs feasibility. As a result of this and additional support from GreaterSport, schools and local councils the club, and its network of satellite clubs, grew massively in just a few weeks.

By engaging with schools and delivering taster sessions for children it has created opportunities to play handball. This has attracted more young people to training sessions and join the club. In June they ran trial sessions which allowed over 140 6-16 year olds from 19 schools to try out for the junior teams. The club is now hoping that these teams will compete in regional and national English Handball Association Leagues and attend youth tournaments across Europe.

To ensure the club keeps growing and opportunities remain they have created a development plan. This means that they have maintained training sessions throughout the summer and continued promoting club activities. Furthermore, they are planning to develop partnerships and increase the visibility of handball within Trafford and Greater Manchester.

Read the full case study here.

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