Do you want to identify the local need and demand for sport and physical activity?

Have you been asked to provide an evidence-base for your work or to apply for funding?

Are you looking to demonstrate the impact your programmes have on health, wellbeing and wider social outcomes?

Would you like to quantify the social and economic return of your programmes for funders and partners?

GreaterSport’s Research and Insight team can support you with all this, through a combination of the following. Either as part of our core services or bespoke offer:

Core Services

  • Providing an up to date general literature review for sport and physical activity to create a strong evidence base
  • Lead and develop the sector to use insight and evaluation models by offering advice on research questions, validated measures or evaluation frameworks to standardise methods and ensure robustness
  • Understand how our consumers think and act by increasing knowledge on traditionally non-active cohorts through general consultation to inform the development of programmes and policy
  • Disseminating national and local research on physical activity levels and under-represented groups through reports and workshops to make it easily digestible and applicable to Greater Manchester
  • Play a lead role in the Greater Manchester community of Research and Insight professionals and provide general sector news updates to keep everyone informed.

Bespoke Offer

  • Provide a bespoke evidence base and literature review to ensure ideally suited to your needs
  • Conduct training workshops around monitoring and evaluation, logic models, behaviour change, Cost-Benefit-Analysis (CBA) and MOVES so that you can more effectively monitor and evaluate future work
  • Provide bespoke GIS mapping to visualise supply and demand to a particular area of your interest
  • Data collection through qualitative and quantitative methods using questionnaires, surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc. to remove time constraints on delivery staff and increase validity
  • In-depth demographic, outcome and trends area data analysis and evaluation using advanced statistical methods to provide a higher level of robustness
  • Consultation to understand need and demand, as well as motivations and barriers bespoke to your area of interest to inform and improve programmes and policy
  • Full, in-depth evaluation of the impact of your programmes from design, to data collection, to statistical analysis, to providing future recommendations
  • Conduct bespoke CBA for your programmes to demonstrate the social as well as physical impact of programmes

The Team

Our research and insight team provides core and bespoke research and consulting services to clients to enable them to achieve their key objectives. Our team are highly educated, trained in advanced research methods and statistics, and have experience in a range of qualitative and quantitative research projects. A bio for each member of the research and insight team is provided via the links below.

To talk about what we can do for you do not hesitate to contact a member of our team:

Hazel Musgrove our Research & Insight Development Manager

James Marrin our Research Development Officer


Sports England Towards An Active Nation, 2016