Across the Lifecourse

Physical activity can reduce the risk of all-cause mortality by 30%, yet over a quarter (26.8%) of the Greater Manchester population is inactive and nearly 4/10 (39.4%) are not active enough to benefit their health (i.e. not reaching Chief Medical Officer guidelines of 150 minutes a week).

Our aim

To provide strategic leadership to secure system change for physical activity and sport across the lifecourse, with person centred, preventative approaches in an integrated system.

Whilst adopting a lifecourse approach we recognise that there are some things that we will do that apply across all ages. This includes approaches to place based working, how we support those with resilient habits maintain an active lifestyle and how we influence those who do something but aren’t able to convert intention to sustained action. Working with other organisations we will provide leadership, advocacy, knowledge and connections to help secure system change.

An example of this is The Daily Mile™ and our ambition to become the first Daily Mile city-region. The short video below shows what we mean by this. Find out more about The Daily Mile here.