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There are 766,865 over 55's in Greater Manchester and they are 1.6 times more likely to be inactive than a 16 – 34 year old. Meanwhile, over 75’s are 2.3 times more likely to be inactive.

Our aim

Make active ageing a central pillar within the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub supporting the Greater Manchester status of an age-friendly city-region, which enables people to have better health, wellbeing and independence. Physical activity needs to play an integral part within the lives of older people, to support a happy later life, with increased social connections to combat social isolation and loneliness.

Greater Manchester’s vision is for older residents to be able to contribute to and benefit from sustained prosperity and enjoy a good quality of life. Greater Manchester’s population is ageing rapidly. By 2036, 14% of the total population will be 75 and over - an increase of 75% from 2011. If we don’t do things differently those at risk of social isolation and loneliness is forecast to increase, with related impacts on physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Our focus

We provide knowledge, insight and connections to support ‘age friendly’ community approaches across the whole system. This includes work around the primary prevention of falls through strength and balance. This work will help to reduce social isolation, the risk and effects of long-term conditions through ageing.

The Greater Manchester Active Ageing Programme

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The Greater Manchester Active Ageing programme explored new ways to encourage physical activity amongst older adults (over-55s). It needed to explore healthy ageing to tackle inequalities and the psychosocial barriers to physical activity amongst older adults. For more information regarding the programme and the evaluation findings, please click here.

Our priorities for 2021

Here are some of the areas we will be working on during 2021. Just to note this will adapt in line with the current landscape of COVID-19 and the impact of this. Some examples are:

  • Linking to the GM Age-friendly strategy in response to COVID-19, continuing to embed physical activity across all areas.
  • Strategic partnership with the Centre for Ageing Better and Sport England being developed and designed around physical activity and active travel.
  • Continuing to tackle ageism and change the narrative on ageing.
  • Integration of the learnings from the GM Active Ageing programme across the system.
  • Working in partnership with the Greater Manchester Health and Social care partnership to embed physical activity within policy and practice.
  • Increasing Active Travel in the Over 50’s in partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester, the University of Manchester and other key partners.
  • Working to map existing falls pathways across Greater Manchester, understanding community and clinical pathways; resulting in the development of a Greater Manchester falls collaborative.
  • Working with Dementia United to embed physical across key work streams.
  • Working with the Alzheimer’s society to support the development of a new sport and physical activity strategy

Please do get in contact if you feel you can support our ageing well work in any way.

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