Start & Develop Well

Sport and physical activity among children and young people has been found to increase attainment, improve mental wellbeing and increase opportunities for social interaction yet 6/10 children and young people in GM are not active enough to benefit their health.

Start Well

91% of children aged 2-4 years are not meeting Chief Medical Officer guidelines and therefore missing opportunities to develop the physical, mental and emotional health benefits.

The Start Well initiative supports early years’ professionals to help preschool children increase their activity levels. Specifically targeted at under 5s, it centres on the connection between physical activity levels and school readiness.

Develop Well

Our aim

Make Greater Manchester the best place in England for children, young people and young adults aged 5 – 25 to grow up, developing their life chances through a more active lifestyle, with a focus on reducing inequalities.

Greater Manchester has bold aspirations as a great place to grow-up and learn, where our young people are instilled with the skills, aspirations and drive needed to succeed and exceed expectations in all aspects of their lives. GM Moving is referenced as a key strategy to make this happen within the Greater Manchester Strategy, as we know that physically active children and young people are more likely to do better academically and we know that physical activity can have a positive impact on mental health.

Six in ten children and young people in Greater Manchester are not active enough and we are passionate about changing that… In fact 35.8% of children and young people, on average, do less than 30 minutes of activity each day, with only 39.9% doing at least 60 minutes or more.

Find out more about the statistics for children and young people's activity levels here.

We also have a monthly schools newsletter with information on the opportunities for schools to encourage more children and young people to be physically active and the latest events across Greater Manchester.

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